Future Projects

This is going to be where I post short blurbs about some of the projects that are in the future. I will include which story universe that they are set in as well as an estimated year when they will be worked on if it is available.

The Inescapable Game

It was a normal boring day to nineteen-year-old Shamus Smith. Then the aliens came. They didn’t come in peace and prosperity, or in war and bloodshed. They came for entertainment. Two million humans were forcefully transported from there normal lives onto a giant space station that orbited Jupiter. Naked and afraid, Shamus woke up as a prisoner in the middle of the game. Now faced with alien creatures, insane robots, game masters who want to kill him, and an alien Player Controller that won’t shut up in his head, Shamus must do what he must to survive the game. Maybe even beat the game. But how much of his humanity must he give up to earn his freedom?

This is a science fiction story and I am thinking that it is going to be multiple books long. How many, I have no idea. There are so many different little stories that I can tell about Shamus and his adventures in the game.

It will be set in my Shattered Worlds Universe and the results of these events will be referenced in other work.

It is listed to be worked on in 2020.

*** Page is incomplete. More will come in the days to come. ***