Completed Projects

The Projects

This is a list of the books that I have published that I am not currently working on or the plan is to work on them in the far future.

Tokyo Tempest Trilogy

tokyo tempest cover 2

Darren Cunningham is a standard teenager growing up in Vancouver. He has a younger brother and an older sister. When his mother gets diagnosed with terminal cancer, a plan hatches for him to get shipped off to live with his estranged father, who lives in Tokyo, Japan. During a visit to Tokyo to set up his final years of high school, and living accommodations, Yellowstone National Park blows its top. It sets off a chain of earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions that span the globe. In a strange land, with a strange culture, filled with strangers, Darren must fight through the hordes of hungry people to find his new friends, his younger brother and his father before time runs out.

Culture Shock was written during 2016 for NaNoWriMo. It is still in the first draft. It needs a rewrite to flesh out a couple of issues that I found when I went to edit it. The plan is that it is Book One of a trilogy.

*** Any sequel is scheduled for 2020. Future blog post forthcoming.***

O’Neal Spy Adventure


Des O’Neal is an ordinary boy living his life normally. He went to school, went to his part-time job. Studied hard and got good grades. One day it all changed when he got pulled into a world of spies, intrigue, and saboteur attacks. All of this at his home on a space station colony. The station orbits the planet Jupiter. Des, a smart boy who loves getting into trouble, finds himself tangled up in a plot involving missiles, spies, saboteurs, and robots. He must do what it takes to save himself, his family and the entire station.

The O’Neal Spy Adventure is a middle-grade sci-fi that I am co-writing with my seven-year-old son. It is told in 5 books. The first book is written and edited. The second has a first draft done on it. I am currently trying to figure out covers and marketing. The plan is to publish it on Amazon. I am planning on finishing the remaining books for this years NaNoWriMo.

***At the moment, as of January 2019, this will be the only book under this series. A blog post will be coming in the future about it. ***

The Chronicles of Evana Sweetland

Evana Book 1

Evana Sweetland lived in a small village on a small island in the middle of the Great Archipelago. She was a happy seven-year-old that enjoyed dancing and swimming in the ocean. But nothing exciting ever happened to her. Then that all changed when she found the gem. The gem gave her magical powers over the wind and the weather. When monsters attacked her village, she was forced to do what a seven-year-old would never want to do. Fight the monster when she should be running away.

The story of Evana is an Early Chapter book aimed at children in the first three grades. It is co-written between me and my five-year-old daughter. It will be told in 5 books and I plan on writing the story during this years NaNoWriMo.

***At the moment, as of January 2019, this will be the only book under this series. A blog post will be coming in the future about it. ***