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New Releases by Nathan Pedde

War reaches every corner – even the far reaches of Jupiter.

The orbital colony station, Jov 1-H, fighting for independence and freedom from Earth, is home to thousands of people. Sixteen-year-old Des O’Neal is thrust into a world he desired not to be in – spies, plots and trickery abound when a saboteur attempts to destroy the station.

Enraged by the attack on his home, Des charges in head first. He fights an unknown enemy who knows more about him, than he knows. No one can be trusted – even Des’s own brother.

How far will Des go to save his brother and his own life? If you like Space Opera and Spy Thrillers, then you will love this action-packed adventure.

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Short story anthologies featuring Nathan Pedde: published by Bayonet Books:

Thirty-five awesome stories – one kick ass meme that started it all.

It started as a joke. Storm Area 51 they said.

“They can’t stop us all” was the battle-cry.

But all laughter stopped when the U.S. Air Force mobilized the reserves and pulled out the big guns.

It was too late, relentless mockery and derision by the media and the powers that be had pushed the weebs and alien enthusiasts too far. What else were they supposed to do?

They put on their big girl panties and showed up, determined to find out exactly what was hidden behind the walls of the clandestine government facility.


They came in peace…

…or so they said. Here are 18 examples of how they lied. This is an exciting collection of First Contact science fiction stories, all completely different! Take a risk – venture into the unknown with us. Who is out there? What will they want from us? Come join us in our adventure to find out how 1st Contact pans out. It will be a great adventure!

Novels: published by Atomic Slingshot Press:

Darren Cunningham lives in Tokyo Japan with his workaholic father. His younger brother arrives at the airport for a short vacation and has no plans to listen to his older brother. Thousands of miles away, the Yellowstone Supervolcano erupts in its largest event ever recorded. The effects of which quickly set off a string of geological events that will be felt globally.

Darren must fight against criminals, corrupt soldiers, and desperate people who all have similar goals. Survive in a land where there is no food, no clean water and those that are supposed to protect you, don’t. On top of it, his brother and father are missing. Can he find them before his chances of survival turn to zero?

When the situation is dire, and the circumstances are short. When is it too far to guarantee your survival?

Short Stories: published by Atomic Slingshot Press:

The game: Call of War Online. Tournament: World Championships. The match: the finals. The Prize: 100k cash.

In a war-torn city map of collapsed buildings, crumbling into piles of concrete, rebar and pipes. Teams of snipers were out to kill. But only if Quint couldn’t kill them first. With the last team left standing to win it all.
Quint and his partner Corie are in the top ten. With two respawns, they must find a way to defeat the other teams. He wants the prize and will let nothing stand in his way to win it.

If you like a short, gamelit, science fiction stories with realistic combat and game systems, then you will enjoy the action-packed, race against time novel written by Nathan Pedde

Grab a copy of “Respawned Glory” today and get in on the action.